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Murphys Creek Adventures is one of the most innovative outdoor education and adventure companies in Queensland. Our purpose is 'Leadership Development' and our vision is to challenge young Australians to be more responsible, independent and to make decisions. The liability insurance craze of the 1990’s and early 2000’s scared a lot of schools, social and youth organisations away from adventurous outdoor education.


Thankfully common sense has prevailed and liability insurance and litigation has been mitigated by the production of risk analysis and better practices, thus opening the outdoors once more as a viable classroom. Now, more than ever, is the time to get kids back outdoors and learning about themselves, others and the environment.


Murphys Creek Adventures has developed a ‘Leadership Continuum’ for schools, to create continuity in leadership development throughout the entire school, utilising a great blend of day trips and adventure camps. Our continuum is a fresh and comprehensive approach to creating strong young leaders in our school communities. We teach such principles as ‘Leadership is not Liker-ship’ and ‘every decision/action has a consequence – good or bad’. We provide an environment of opportunity by giving clear introductory briefs, outlining clear expectations and ‘trusting students’ to follow these – of course this does not always happen, but provides the next lesson for the group to identify as they together complete the journey that is their Team Leadership experience.

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