Our ropes course has all of the challenges of the low ropes with the safety of the high ropes. This unique activity allows several participants on any one station at the same time, maximising the time available and minimising ‘idle time’ by having the entire class/group on the activity at once. This is possible through our use of multiple safety lines on each stage of the activity. This activity will develop team work, leadership, group cohesion, planning skills, analytical skills and a sense of achievement.



Murphy's Creek Escape has two main escarpments within its boundary. These offer excellent facilitation of beginner groups, search and rescue training and social groups such as scouts, guides, cadets etc.  White Mountain State Forest also offers excellent climbing conditions for the more experienced, namely Redcliffes.  




Gear on and water bottles at the ready, the 100,000 acres of National Park to the rear of Murphy's Creek Adventures is the perfect location for hiking activities. The undulation of the land, the density of the woodlands and the variety of amazing locations within the National Park all add to the experience of hiking on our camps. Many of the hiking legs feed into our adventure based activities. You could do the 3km cross country leg over ridge lines and through re-entrants to arrive at Red Cliffs - our abseiling and high line cliff walk are within the National Park.


Students could even put on the pack and hike over to Mount Cross where they establish a bush camp for the evening, preparing meals by themselves, before packing down camp the next day and moving on to their next objective. White Mountain National Park is a truly amazing place to hike.



Archery is a static activity that requires participants to complete an 8 step process in order to achieve success. Our instructors use a methodical instructional style to introduce the 8 steps and walk participants through them slowly. The result is accurate shooting and an understanding of the benefits of a systematic approach to anything you put your hands to.


This activity will develop an orderly and methodical approach, use of processes, discipline, competitive fun and an ability to follow directions. 



Mountain Biking does not require high levels of fitness or endurance, rather it requires the rider to assess the course of least resistance and make a decision. Mountain Biking calls on resilience to complete the ride. Techniques are taught to enable the most in experienced rider to ‘get going’, before a gradual introduction of more advanced riding challenges. Mountain biking here at MCA is made all the more exciting due to the locality of the property and surrounding terrain. This activity will develop resilience, confidence, team work, perseverance, riding skills, improved fitness and sense of adventure. Bikes are fitted to suit participants.


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