Senior School Camps


Leadership is the art of deliberately exerting influence on a group of people to move them toward goals of beneficial permanence. This is the premise on which we base our senior school camps. We utilise decision making activities, endurance activities and adventure activities throughout the camp to build resilience in students which stands them in good stead for the pressures of grade 12, university and the work force. These camps are designed to push students past their self-perceived limits and ends with ALL students realising just how much they have developed over the camp. Ideal for selecting senior position holders from yr 11 for the following year, these camps are a must as a part of your school leadership continuum.


Senior School Outcomes:

  • Building resilience

  • Breaking self imposed limitations

  • Long term change

  • Self administer group routines and timings

  • Leadership development

  • Increased responsibility

  • Increased self discipline

  • Increased Team awareness

  • Wilderness camping

  • Introduction to survival camping

  • Fun!



Residential Camps:

Loads of learning and fun in one location. No need for travel coordination or tracking the where-abouts of students, our residential camps work to a set timeline for each activity as students learn about themselves, their peers and the outdoors. Our residential camps are a great introduction to adventurous learning where comfortable dorm style accommodation is complimented by a healthy menu and a wide range of individual and group development activities. Residential camps are conducted at both the Murphys Creek Adventures facility and our Noosa camp location.



Wilderness Camps:
Ideal for middle and senior schools! Leave the comfort of the dorms and establish your tent camp before you embark on a series of challenging adventure activities. You will even prepare your own wholesome meals.We are starting to take the 'cotton wool' off here as students embark on 3 to 5 days of adventurous learning. The format builds resilience, team work, trust and morale as students complete each leg of this exciting camp. We combat ‘learnt helplessness’, by allowing the students to make decisions for themselves and complete basic routines such as cooking, cleaning, establishing camps, planning, navigating and more, with minimal interjection from our staff or teachers when students are exhibiting perceived helplessness. Before long, students start thinking for themselves both individually and collectively, amazing themselves and their teachers at just how independent, resilient and cohesive they have become.


Ample quantities of fresh, healthy food are provided for each group to prepare their own meals, under supervision of our staff. Freedom for creativity and flare is provided as students lose their culinary inhibitions by the second day, producing some fantastic meals. You will observe excellent learning outcomes through this camp structure alone, but when you add our professional, consistent facilitators and our desire to challenge every student, we guarantee the beginnings of life change for the majority of participants.



Wilderness camps are suitable for Middle and Senior Schools and include the following activities:






  • Archery

  • Team Initiatives

  • Abseiling

  • Rock Climbing

  • High Line Cliff Walk

  • Construction

  • Navigation

  • Hiking at night

  • Mountain biking

  • Canoeing

  • Obstacle Course

  • River Crossing

  • Raft Building

  • Shelter Construction

  • Meal Preparation

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