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The residential camps we participate in at Murphys Creek Adventures are really special times. These times embed themselves as significant memories and experiences that the students talk about and refer to for months and years to come.The thing that makes this camp outstanding is the staff’s ability to bring the best out of the kids. They challenge their abilities, fire up their character and teach them the importance of teamwork, discipline and self-management. The students leave the camp, having genuinely improved their self-esteem and self-confidence.  As a teacher, it gave me a valuable and sometimes surprising insight into student leadership potential, resilience and problem solving capabilities. These camps have become an integrated part of our yearly planning.  

Lyndal Symonds, Teaching Principal


Laidley SS:  The camp was just amazing for both our students and us staff...to watch the transformation of those students over three days was nothing short of breathtaking. They responded to the ‘routines’ of camp life and began to understand that there were consequences for their every action - good or bad. Students that I never thought would make their bed were part of the winning ‘tidy dorm team’. Other students that I would never have thought a chance of going off the abseil cliff, went upside down on the flying fox – they really pushed themselves on these activities. One of the biggest areas of change has been their individual responsibility. Activities like the students cooking their own meals on hexi stoves and being responsible for moving about the camp ground together with hat and water bottle all of the time, really has developed a sense of pride, team and responsibility in them. So much so, that I have had staff come to me from the playground at school and tell of the visible difference in the decisions being made by the students that were on the camp. They have had ‘life change’, that is for sure. We as staff were also afforded the chance to observe another set of behavioural management techniques and we are using some of them very effectively already. This was a fantastic experience for everyone involved and I recommend Murphys Creek Adventures to any school that wants to see real life change in their students.  

Sue, Laidley


Maroochydore State High School:  The Murphy’s Creek survival camp was more than a life changing experience for our Year 11 academic students. Our goal was for students to transfer classroom concepts to practical problem solving situations to improve academic performance. The outcome of camp was this and so much more. The program designed for us was challenging and pushed students well outside their comfort zone, forcing students to ‘dig deeper’, encourage and work with each other in stressful situations. Their ability to do this on camp, but more importantly bring those skills back to school astounded us. As students continued on through Year 12 we experienced few, if any, stress ‘meltdowns’ as students stayed in control, encouraged each other and worked as a team to further the success of the group. Student leaders were also confident and successful in leading the school, bringing about a positive change in school culture. This camp is now entrenched in our academic preparation program for year 12 as we feel students need this no-limits, life changing experience to develop the resilience we see is vital to not only improving academic performance but the character of the individual.  

Shona Liddy, HOD Senior Schooling 

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